General Spanish Courses

We have classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners.  We tailor our lessons to meet your individual needs focusing primarily on developing your listening and speaking skills.

Spanish Beginners Level

This course is designed for those students who have little or no previous experience speaking Spanish.  In these classes, students will acquire basic language expressions and be introduced to basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary.  By the end of this course, students will be able to talk about themselves and be familiar with important expressions used in everyday life and during travelling.

Intermediate Spanish

Students will be introduced to more complex language structures while at the same time continuing to expand their Spanish vocabulary.  By the end of this course, students will have learned many common expressions useful for travel, volunteer work and in daily life.

Advanced Spanish

Students at this level already understand and use much more complex sentences.  As a result, students engage in more challenging topics including talking about relationships, past, present and future experiences and be able to do a short oral presentation.

Conversational Spanish

- We recommend this level for students who have intermediate and advanced level Spanish language skills.

- Maintain and improve your conversational skills, and learn new vocabulary. 

- To  help keep lessons interesting, we use a variety of materials and teaching approaches..

- If you are thinking of travelling to Peru and want to put your Spanish into practice or take classes outside your country, then just contact us. Our school is located in Cusco, and we provide comfortable and furnished apartments so your stay with us will be a wonderful experience.

Spanish for children & teenagers

The teaching children will receive will be very seriously and professional. We design fun and engaging lessons specifically to meet the needs of young learners. We engage students through music, visual aids, games, practical conversation, etc making more fun learning a language.

Don't wait any more, give him or her the opportunity to learn the second most spoken language in the whole world.

Some questions you might have.

How is a class with us?

- Follow the steps to register as a new student and then you can make a reservation with the teacher you want. The first class is completely free and will last 25 minutes so the teacher and the student can get to know each other.

- Our teachers will adapt their lessons to the interests and learning styles of each child so that the classes will be fun and effective.

How long is each class?

We have classes from 30 to 50 minutes. In general, we recommend younger students take a 30 minute class and older students take a 50 minute class.

Spanish for travelers

If you are thinking of traveling to a Spanish speaking country, communicating with locals is a rich and rewarding experience.  Our lessons will help you to successfully communicate with native speakers and will enhance your travelling experience whether you are ordering food in a restaurant or trying to find your way to local shops or to points of cultural interest.

Spanish for Business

The high demand for international business with countries in Central and South America has made Spanish one of the most important languages for commerce. Our Business Spanish courses will help learners to communicate effectively with their Spanish business colleagues.

Spanish Placement Tests


What is your level of spanish?

– You can take any level of exam to know your appropriate level, A (basic), B (intermediate) and C (advanced).

– You must complete all the sentences by selecting the most appropriate option.

– You can start now, good luck.


Beginner level (A) Intermediate level (B) Advance level (C)



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